I am more of a performing musician than a seller of instruments, but every now and then things pass through my workshop, or I need to get rid of some gear, or (most likely) I've repaired a kora or djembe that now needs a new home. Maybe my new side-profession is being a kora rescuer! (i.e. fixing up old koras that either have been abandoned or become un-tuneable). Please email me using the Contact Form for more info or make a purchase.

Current items for sale: 1 djembe bag.

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Djembe Bag (used) -- $25

Details & Specs:

Cost: USD $25 (+ shipping if applicable) 

Country of Origin: Mali 
Year: 2010 
Material: Mudcloth (Bogolan) 
Djembe Height Max: 24” 
Djembe Diameter Max: 15” 

I bought this djembe bag on a trip to Bamako, Mali in 2010. Once back in the US, I stopped using it in lieu of a more professional padded case. The top has a thin padding and small red, yellow, and green tag (a sweet little detail!). There is one small area (2 1/2” x 1 1/2” in size) where the cloth is coming unraveled a little (detailed in pics). This bag is priced to sell and is probably best used to store a djembe rather than transport it.