I am more of a performing musician than a seller of instruments, but every now and then things pass through my workshop, or I need to get rid of some gear, or (most likely) I've repaired a kora or djembe that now needs a new home. Maybe my new side-profession is being a kora rescuer! (i.e. fixing up old koras that either have been abandoned or become un-tuneable). Please email me using the Contact Form for more info or make a purchase.

Current items for sale: 1 djembe bag, and 1 condenser djembe mic.

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Djembe Bag (used) -- $25

Details & Specs:

Cost: USD $25 (+ shipping if applicable) 

Country of Origin: Mali 
Year: 2010 
Material: Mudcloth (Bogolan) 
Djembe Height Max: 24” 
Djembe Diameter Max: 15” 

I bought this djembe bag on a trip to Bamako, Mali in 2010. Once back in the US, I stopped using it in lieu of a more professional padded case. The top has a thin padding and small red, yellow, and green tag (a sweet little detail!). There is one small area (2 1/2” x 1 1/2” in size) where the cloth is coming unraveled a little (detailed in pics). This bag is priced to sell and is probably best used to store a djembe rather than transport it.

Djembe mic: Audio Technica ATM350ucw condenser microphone (New / open box) -- $170 + SHIPPING

Details and Specs

Audio Technica ATM350UcW 

Wireless Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone w/ Universal Clip-on Mounting System 

  • Universal Mount fits tightly and securely to a multitude of Instruments 
  • Wireless HRS4 connector for use with all Audio-Technica wireless systems.*** SEE NOTE BELOW
  • Built to handle extremely powerful, dynamic sound sources 
  • Large selection of other mount options available separately

More info can be found here: Audio Technica Official Website. Here is the item on Sweetwater.

This is a great djembe mic, recommended by many professionals. I bought this condenser mic to use with a wireless system, but found out it won't work with the Shure wireless system that I wanted (only Audio Technica systems unless you purchase the Power Module). So, I'm selling the mic, completely unused, brand new in it's original box (also in good condition). Includes: mic, gooseneck mount, violin mount, and carrying case.

*** NOTE: to use this mic in a non-Audio Technica wireless set-up, you will need the AT8539 Power Module and phantom power. This Power Module converts phantom power into "bias voltage" that powers the mic, and it's output is XLR (male) so you can use it like any other condenser mic.