kora Sales


I am more of a performing musician than a seller of instruments, but I am also an importer and reseller of new koras made by Dialy Mady Cissoko, of Bamako, Mali. I am still getting the system up and running, but new koras are $900 and come with a soft case and replacement strings. More info will be listed soon!  

Check out the gallery below to see what the koras are like. Each one is unique, but they are all well-built, easy to tune, ergonomic, well-sized for all hand sizes, and simply sound amazing.   

In addition to new koras, every now and then things pass through my workshop, or I need to get rid of some gear, or (most likely) I've repaired a kora or djembe that now needs a new home.   

Please email me using the Contact Form for more info or to inquire about a purchase.

Kora repairs and conversions


Yes, I can convert your traditional kora to a kora with machine tuners. I also do repairs, fabricate broken or missing components, and troubleshoot weird and crazy issues that sometime arise with koras (string buzzing, alignment, cracks in the skin, etc). 

At the moment, I am developing systems to make this affordable, easy, and accessible to all. Please get in touch with me using the Contact Page and let's discuss!