Wind & Stars - Kora and Piano : CD - (2008)
  • Wind & Stars - Kora and Piano : CD - (2008)
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With the worldly, soulful sound of Stephan Micus, the imaginative spirit of Toumani Diabaté, and the serenity of rippling water, Wind & Stars is a stunning collaboration between Will Ridenour on the West-African kora and Betsy Bevan on the acoustic piano.

Brilliantly combining the instruments of two continents, Ridenour and Bevan have developed an original, evocative sound that speaks to a wide and diverse audience. Ridenour's fluid, articulate playing in the improvisational style is complimented by Bevan's richly inspired harmonic progressions on piano.

Marked by sparkling melodies in intertwining strings, pulsing with world rhythmic influences, Wind & Stars blends the best of ethnic and meditative music to create a sonorous healing connection to the whole global village.

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